Who would name their company, Totally Awesome Computers? The same guy who calls himself “Super” Dell Schanze, that’s who. Super Dell was the overly animated and ridilin-refused owner and spokesperson of Totally Awesome Computers. For years, he made his own commercials by simply setting up a camera in one of his stores and acting stupid in front of it. Perhaps charming at first, eventually people began to loathe him, and therefore his product. He needed help. His business was failing. He needed to change his marketing tactics to start moving computers.

Instead of simply launching a new campaign sans Super Dell, I decided to have a little fun with it. Since the public hated him so much, why not give them what they wanted? Why not have something bad happen to him? So, during what appeared to be a normal commercial, he was violently abducted. This launched a full-scale missing person campaign (complete with print, mail, t-shirts and outdoor). Meanwhile, a site was set up with video updates from the abductors and a community forum to fuel discussion and theories. Incidentally, store traffic drastically increased during his absence. Hmm.