To be honest, while this band was rockin', my career in advertising was nothing more than a job to pay the bills. It wasn't until the Summer of '05 when Clive Davis flew us out to do a private audition that my perspective changed. He crushed my dreams of being a lucrative musician by telling us that, "while the music is great, the age of the band is an issue." Yes, that's right. He thought we were too old. That coming from an 83-year-old dude. Bless his black and blue heart.

Long story short, that really took the wind out of our sails and ever since then we have been rockin' it hobby style. Why am I including this in my advertising book? I guess I feel it's all about creative form, regardless. And to me, nothing has been more creative and worthwhile than making music. The good news, however, is that I have never been more focused on my ad career than I am now. At least until Clive calls back.

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